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About CDC - Cat of a Different Color

How we began​...

Project CDC (Cat of a Different Color) started out as a vision created by Josie and Xig. We were inspired by all the art cars we had seen at Burningman and especially the cat cars. Version one was made with 80 recycled materials. From used car parts too old door parts. Xig spent 4 years developing and reimagining the design. In 2013 Xig partnered with long time Burner friend Howard and started over with a new frame and construction of a fiberglass shell. We are currently adding many of the features that version one had as well as many that had not been completed. As time and money permit CDC will continue to grow and evolve into a fully animatronic cat car.


CDC's frame is originally an off road go-cart. We created a fiber glass shell to cover all the original looks of the vehicle. As in previous years it has new motors, servos, and actuators to create a look. The movements of the eyes, ears, mouth, tail, and front paws, as well as a sprayer that sprays a of mist of water out of the tail end. It has over 720 LED lights to glow and change colors during the night as well as large rail road crossing lights for eyes. For safety she has driving lights in the front and rear tail lights with the possibility of break lights. First and foremost CDC - Cat of a Different color is a fun art car to share the wonder of Burning Man. I was inspired years ago and continue on to create things to share. I love it when others come to look at the car and are excited to see it as a whole and for some to look at how it was created. My wife and I seek out deserving cat enthusiast and children and give away small stuffed toy kittens during the week up at burning man as a remembrance of a stray cat prowling for affection and love. I have found CDC also creates an ice breaker for a few who need it and have common ground with cats.

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