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The story of a special kitty...

CDC, is from a ranch near the Emerald CIty of Oz. She grew up running on the yellow brick road of Munchkin County and loves giving rides to all the friends she meets. During the day she might be a white, black or calico depending on her mood, at night she loves showing off her colors.

Wanna follow the kitty?

Scroll down on this page to see where the kitty will be next. Come meet the creators of CDC - Cat of a Different Color at one of these events or follow kitty on Twitter, Facebook, or on Instagram.


Welcome to Outside the Cat Box home of CDC - Cat of a Different Color. Here you can get to know CDC more and see her adventures, as well as her evolution.

CDC was featured in a music video that was filmed by our Canadian friends while at Burning Man one year.

Doldrums - She is the Wave (feat. Guy Dallas) (Official Video)

(CDC appears at 1:36 minutes in the video)


Coming Soon CDC 3.0

We just acquired a new chassis to upgrade CDC - Cat of a Different Color. She will be street legal and she will also be a bit larger. We will be launching a new fundraiser with special incentives soon. Please follow us here and on Facebook for picture updates and videos. We will be taking a break from some events during this time.



Due to the COVID-19 virus all events are currently on hold until further notice. We will keep you posted.

July 2020 - 4th of July parade, Vallejo, CA (TBD)

September 26, 201820 - Pacific Coast Fog Fest Parade, Pacifica, CA(TBD)

October 2020 (TBD) SF Decompression

December 2020 (TBD)  - 10th Annual Mad Hatter Holiday Festival, Vallejo, CA

December 6th, 2020 (TBD)  - Rockaway Christmas Tree Lighting, Pacifica, CA

CDC next to her new chassis. CDC3.0

The Kitty Crew at Maker's Faire 2015. CDC took First Place for "Editor's Choice" by the Maker's Faire editor's awards.

CDC - Cat of a Different Color at Maker's Faire 2015

They're Here!!!!
Color Changing Kitty Ears are finally here! If you were interested in the cute kitty ears our cat handler's were wearing you will love these, Check them out at Articmoon Design's  Etsy store.
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